About Us

Stone Mountain Accessories

Since its formation in 1978, Stone Mountain Accessories has become renowned for quality craftsmanship, a fusion of classic styles and contemporary trends, functionality, durability, and value. Nurtured on the finest leathers and proprietary tanning processes developed in New England over many years, Stone Mountain is recognized for ‘butter soft’ leathers crafted to provide maximum utility. Our designers are challenged to create enduring styles that are as fashionable next year, as they are today, adding to Stone Mountain’s reputation as a product for a lifetime, not just a season.

Stone Mountain maintains a Company Store online, www.StoneMountainHandbags.com, and offers its collections to fine department and specialty stores throughout the United States.

We are a USA based and family owned business committed to providing products of exceptional merit, dedication to our employees, and integrity and fairness in all our business dealings.

Please feel free to email us at info@stonebags.com for any more information.